Web design, development, and user experience is our passion.

Guiding our clients towards smart online decisions that have a meaningful impact on their business.

We make a sincere & emotional investment in any work that we undertake, and make it a priority to build a high level of trust with our clientele.

Our goal is to build websites that capture a unique perspective on who our clients are, distinguishing them from their competition and inspiring a desired action from the end-customer.

Why choose us?

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    The key to great work and great relationships is empathy. We take the time to be considerate of our clients (and their customers).

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    We'll steward your online brand

    We work closely with you to make smart design, development, and user experience decisions that will have a direct impact.

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    We walk the walk

    We strive to be a reliable, consistent partner to all of our clients.

Areas of expertise

  • Responsive design

    We specialize in beautiful and unique web designs that adapt to the viewer's device; allowing for the best possible user experience.

  • Smart content management

    We empower our clients by making their websites easy to update and maintain; allowing them to spend less time feeling frustrated and more time acting!

  • Digital strategy

    We build websites that help you to achieve success. Our priority on every project is to understand your end-business goals, then work with you make them happen.

  • Success through statistics

    We believe in making fact-based decisions. Using various tools we'll help you find hidden opportunities to improve and refine your marketing.

  • User interface design

    A smart and insightful interface directly influences a customer's perception of your brand. Good user interfaces increase the frequency of visitors converting to leads and becoming new customers.

  • Consulting & advising

    Need a fresh set of eyes on a business challenge? Struggling with gaining traction with your site or in using social media? Or maybe you don't even know where to start? We can help you get from wherever you are to wherever you want to be.

  • Ecommerce design

    We create consistent, thoughtful experiences for online commerce; where little details can make all the difference in taking your customers from the product page to checking out with confidence.

  • Photography & video

    The visual component of a website is always the most powerful. While stock is sometimes the only option, we do much of our photo & video work in-house; improving the creative process and the end result.

Meet the team

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Michael Tighe

As Managing Partner, Michael works to form a bridge of understanding between Solid's clients and the Solid team - helping to guide the overall vision of projects from inception to completion.

Michael has been involved in communications, design, and marketing for over half his life. Over that time Michael has built a very broad skill-set, including print + web design, web development, search marketing, and user experience design. This confluence of ability lends itself to Michael's primary role of leading the team at Solid.

In 2010, Michael founded Solid with partner Heath Waller. Their continuing goal is to build meaningful long term relationships with Solid clients, helping other businesses build success while building their own at the same time.


Heath Waller

Heath is a visual artist and entrepreneur who merged her interests to designing for people on the web. Heath loves reading, working with her hands, hiking, and hanging out with her crazy dogs.

Born in Calgary, AB, Heath grew up in Australia and has continent-hopped a few times since. She received her BFA (with Distinction) from the University of Calgary, majoring in painting. Heath has worked in the fields of museum conservation, library management and food services, in addition to running her own businesses.

Heath currently resides in beautiful Summerland BC where she is growing a formidable permaculture garden and building a small house with her mother. 

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Graham Shade

Great sites are nothing without a high attention to the little details, especially when you are a developer. Graham's skill and ability to learn on the fly is borderline intimidating.

When he isn't building sites in Craft CMS, WordPress, or Expression Engine, he is researching, learning, and expanding his repertoire of skills (or at the very least making adjustments to the Solid development stack).

briana tighe

Briana Tighe

Briana has dual responsibilities within Solid. First, she is responsible for the final phase of all projects. This includes content entry, device testing, proof reading, and the management of all tasks and processes leading up to the launch of a project. Her second responsibility is company wide operations management, including, finance, accounts receivable, and team management.

  • Laura

    Laura Scherer

    As a company, Solid believes in authentic and meaningful content - Laura is one of Solid's secret weapons when it comes to anything written. From promotional writing, to blog articles, and even news releases, Laura leads the charge in ensuring Solid clients are perfectly represented in text.

  • Alec

    Alec Bracegirdle

    Alec passed away tragically on August 31, 2016. The youngest member of the Solid team, Alec interned directly under Michael, learning the delicate balance needed to create simple and powerful content. Alec's focus was on video and motion graphics. Chances are that if you've seen any video Solid has created during 2016, Alec had a hand in it.