JayWest Country Homes

JayWest Country Homes

We created a responsive website that generated JayWest an unprecedented number of new customer leads.

JayWest Country Homes is made up of a wonderful group of people who are fanatical about helping their clients build the best homes possible. Their drive to build a great product and have a great relationship with their clients mirrored our own - which has resulted in a great working relationship for the past 4 years.

In the latest release of their website, we worked hard to better define different types of users that came to JayWest and what they loved to do when browsing the site. From their we focused on building the best user experience possible.

The results were astounding. Across the board we saw visitors spending more time on the site, visiting more pages, and an increase in social media engagement. Most importantly we had an increase in lead generation and new home inquiries.

Working with JayWest is a true pleasure and we're excited for what the future will bring as we build new website features and campaigns.

The design

The homepage was optimized to provide a jumping point for the many different types of users the JayWest site has. From users researching for their new home, to those who are just dreaming or looking for inspiration. We've made it easy for users to get to the content they want.

One of the primary goals for the project was to have a huge amount of content and inspiration available to visitors. We made sure that over 92 home models were included on the site (including photos, plans, and specifications for each). 

In addition we created ways to filter plans to help users discover more content.

This page template is the most effective on the JayWest website at generating new leads.

Browsing different home packages was designed to be a feature rich experience with a number of enhancements for tablet and phone users.

Photos & floorplans are easy to navigate tabs, with photo galleries that can be navigated with a swipe, and easy pinning of inspiring photos to pinterest.

New clients inquiring about building a home through JayWest always have a lot of questions about the building process.

This page was designed with the intent of showing the phases of the building process in a simple and visual format.

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