The ALIDP is leading the charge on how to develop land while minimizing environmental impact.

It was very exciting for us to play an important role in improving how the ALIDP was able to communicate & share information among its members.

We used Expression Engine as the key platform to build all of the features that were required. The biggest challenge of the project was the membership feature, which handled multiple different types of member accounts & access, as well as payment processing for member dues & renewals.

The launch of the new site has resulted in faster distribution of information throughout their members.

The design

The homepage needed to communicate who the ALIDP is to new visitors, while having content to engage & inform current members.

The custom partnership system is elegant & complex. With multiple user types, we made it simple for organizations to pay or renew their partnership and then register employees as child users.

The ALIDP web team can create their own unique event websites on the fly which provide event information, schedule, speakers, and connects to EventBrite for registration & payment.

The knowledgebase is a members only area of the website allowing members who include engineers all the way through to environmental scientists to upload, share, comment, and discuss various documents.

Each posting to the knowledgebase is filed under different parameters which make that content easy to search.

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