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Our goal was simple: Create the best CrossFit website possible using everything we've learned about running a gym & maintaining a strong community.

We've been working with CrossFit AI for the past 4 years (they were one of our original clients). When we started their second redesign in 2013, we really wanted to push the envelope for both community engagement & lead generation for new members.

The results since launch have been phenomenal, with existing members spending more time on the site and engaging with with different content. In addition the new sales page has increased lead generation, while making key information more clear, leading to more excited & less confused new members.

Key site features

  • Build on a robust custom template using WordPress
  • Supports a daily workout (or WoD) post
  • Events section for community events
  • Success stories & feats to celebrate gym members
  • Custom landing page system for online marketing

Designed for heavy mobile phone/tablet use

With just under 50% of site users on a mobile device, visitors to the CrossFit AI website are using their phones & tablets to book into classes and research the gym. The new mobile first design has improved page load time by 300% and greatly improved the user experience.

The design

A key page in the site, our goal was to take everything we've learned about CrossFit and create the ultimate landing page & sales tool.

We're thrilled with how this page layout turned out. The content was designed around informing users and clearly answering the many questions the gym gets on a daily basis.

Membership & pricing information is crystal clear, while discount memberships require interaction to see the costs of.

Finally the common questions area is custom build in WordPress to allow for the addition of new questions and content on an ongoing basis.

The homepage layout was incredibly important to get right, as there are two key groups of visitors at work at any given time on the site.

Group 1 is comprised of existing members who visit the site daily to see what the Workout of the Day or WoD is. These users need to see the workout and continue to register for a class.

Group 2 is comprised of visitors interesting in trying out the gym, mostly who are new to CrossFit. They need to be invited to try a free CrossFit class and learn more about the gym.

We wanted to address both groups at the top of the site, and we're very happy with the result.

Take note of the new comment system we designed on the right. Athletes are posting their workout results daily, and we wanted to have a greater relationship between the workout and the resulting comments.

Putting them side by side helps bring community communication to the forefront and provides stronger call to action for members to contribute.

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