WOD on the Road


Finding a reputable Crossfit gym while you're on the road used to be a challenge. WoD on the Road changes all that.

The WoD on the Road team was looking for a creative & technical partner to help realize their vision.

Our starting concept was simple: There is no place online to find reliable & up to date information about CrossFit gyms when you are travelling. CrossFitters come in all shapes and sizes, from business people who are frequently on the road who are looking for a means of staying in shape, to passionate athletes that love to checkout boxes as they travel to new places.

Typically these users rely on Social media or Google Maps which (often times) wouldn't provide timely or complete information.

Taking on this challenge our goal was to build a community-driven CrossFit review website where:

  1. The user could easily search for the city they were looking for a gym in.
  2. Very quickly get served results for that city.
  3. View information important to a traveler (such as cost & accessibility).
  4. Allow the user to leave a review of their experience.

The WoD on the Road team wanted to reach out and engage CrossFit gym owners on an individual level, so that every gym we list on the site has 'opted-in' and provided their own information & photos. While the WoD on the Road team handled the community, the team at Solid focused on making the site fast and accessible. Adding features like the ability to see the distance to nearby gyms versus where you are staying.

Thus far the site has been well received and we're excited to see it grow.

The design

The homepage design was purposefully created to immediately engage the user and encourage them to search for a City to find CrossFit gyms in.

The large feature 'hero' photo area was also included to foster community relationships, as users & gyms can send in photos which we'll place as a background (and credit the photographer).

Once a visitor has searched for a specific city they will see:

1. A list of gyms within that City, including review rating.

2. A map which they can compare distance using.

3. Filtering options.

The layout when learning about an individual gym has been optimized for a travelers needs.

The phone number, email, and website are very easy to access. The gym schedule is directly linked (as many CrossFit gyms have hours varying by day and time). A gym can also submit up to 5 photos.

Finally the reviews can be expanded to show a rating on a variety of criteria. From the quality of coaching to the accessibility of equipment.

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