We built a fun app for Communo and The Gathering!

We’ve been so busy polishing things that we almost forgot to update this page!

The Communo Generosity app is based on a previous analog social experiment created by Communo called the Reciprocity Ring. The principle is simple, we all need help (both personal and professional), but sometimes despite access to amazing people, we lack the forum to ask for it.

While this was originally done on sticky notes, Solid was tapped to create a mobile treatment which used the same principles. A user can visit generosity.communo.com and browse the questions of other attendees, or ask their own question.

Once a question is submitted, other viewers can choose to “pass” or “help” on any question. Should someone choose to help, the are given a form which they can use to email the person who posted the question. The person that posted the question can then choose to engage with the helper from there.

We’re excited to see how this plays out at The Gathering in Banff.

Here is a quick video on how we built it.

A bit about Solid.

We are a small team that builds thoughtful things for the web. You’ll frequently find us building beautiful websites and solve complex and interesting challenges. We are largely industry agnostic (as you can see from our portfolio), but in recent years have worked a great deal in the hotels and hospitality industry.

The best way to describe ourselves is to utilize two quotes from our clients:

  1. “When I come to you with a problem, you take it away… but more importantly you don’t replace that problem with new problems.”
  2. “You think of absolutely everything.”

We would be happy to make your acquaintance, contact us via email at hey@asolidsite.com